The Cornmeal Cure for Ants

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about having discovered that corn meal would get rid of ants.  We had an ant problem on our patio in Hawaii so we put a few mounds of corn meal in the problem areas as well as by our desert rose where ants were constantly infesting.  In a matter of days they were gone.  We wondered if it was just a fluke, but the ants haven’t come back…….. so far.

Art’s sister, Kay told us that they were suddenly having a terrible problem with tiny black ants that seemed to swarm over the kitchen counter and floor whenever they seemed to smell food.  I was shocked to see so many ants even under their dish rack.

I remembered the corn meal cure and Kay decided to try it right away.

I didn’t see the ants hauling the corn meal away but within a couple of days they were down to just a few scavenger ants wandering around.  In another couple more of days there were none.

Kay was using a diluted alcohol spray to kill ants, but the corn meal quickly got rid of ants on the floor too.

It was a little eerie.

Apparently the ants aren’t able to digest the corn meal.

Art’s sister and brother-in-law are thrilled.  However, I’m looking at my cornbread a whole different way now.

About Kay's Musings

I am a retired teacher who lived in Illinois for 35 years before returning to Hawaii where I was born and grew up.
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2 Responses to The Cornmeal Cure for Ants

  1. So interesting! I have never heard of that before.

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